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I've figured out what's weird about Seymour's Theme, at least for the Black Mages CD, however it's supposed to be very similar to the original, so the same probably holds true. For most of the song, it's going along an 4/4 time, then when it gets to the strange part, it suddenly switches to 7/4 time! It took me a little while to figure out because originally i thought the strangeness was do to the notes being off beat, but that's a fairly standard thing and not enough to confuse me that much, but it was enough to thow me off track.

I've been getting more and more into Squaredance. Some of the songs are mediocre, but some are very good. The problem is probably that i have odd tastes in techno/dance music. There are some kinds that i like a lot, and other kinds that i'm just eh about.

The #1 reason why i keep coming back to the CD(s) however, is Magus' theme, or rather, "Magus (Raw Trance Exhaustion) Arranged by Zeratul" which is totally kick-ass :)

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