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One week!

Okay, technically one week, 17 hours and 47 minutes, but who's counting? Oh wait, that would be me :)

Heather Alexander - The Bow's Turned Back

(after a minute or so long introduction by Heather Alexander)

When the night turns lonely, I think of you only
As I'm rocked on the waves of the storm
Your arms around me, your charms astound me
Your kiss is keeping me warm
I've heard the cry from the crow's nest, high
That we're homeward bound straight and true
Just a few more nights, and I'll see the lights
That will bring me back home to you

For the wind is blowin', the sea is rollin'
The dolphins dance in the foam
The seagulls singin' in the highest riggin'
And the bow's turned back to my home
And the bow's turned back to my home

It's been a long travel, enough to unravel
The strongest sailor adrift
As the dreams take o'er me, you appear before me
In naught but a simple white shift
To be so far from you when I finally come to
Is far more than I can stand
When I touch the shore, you will be at the door
With a tall, warm drink for my hand


The sea is a creature of whimsical feature
A lady fair so they've said
But she'll aim hard to take you, make you or break you
And wash you up soon then for dead
Her love it is fickle, a silvery sickle
That twists and turns 'round on your fast
Just ask and sailor, he'll say without failure
The best of the trip is the last


Keep a light burnin'
I am returnin'
I'll be home by the three quarter moon,
I'll be in your arms very soon,
With every tall wave that we breach,
I come that much closer to your loving reach


The bow's turned back to my home

Aye the bow's turned back to my home

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