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Got to sleep about 1:30 or 2 last night. Got up at about 7, took a shower, and did a little more cleaning.

Morna showed up about 8:15 to have a quick breakfast at del taco, and i loaned her the Diane Duane book that i'd been meaning to loan her earlier and had just found while cleaning up.

After breakfast i stopped by Mudd to pick up my alumni weekend packet before heading to work, and while doing so ran into a couple (literally) of Inertians. We talked for a little bit, and while walking towards East i saw SithJawa and waved to her and said hi. I needed to head off to work unfortunatly, so left at 9:40 or so and made it into work by 10:20. Planning on heading home between 6 and 7 to see if i can catch the tail end of the class of '98 dinner.

It's nice to get to see people :)

The office is practically empty now because almost everyone else is off watching X-Men 2 while i'm still here busy working, the fools! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!... er, wait a minute! =P

But it does mean that i can leave a bit earlier than the other i hope :)

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