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Catching up

Went home early wednesday night with the intention of talking to Caithris. When i got home though she was still busy doing homework :(

We talked a little bit, but then i decided to go get some dinner so i wouldn't be distracting her from work too much. Went to del taco and got some of the new Senora chicken burittos, del taco's concession to the current Chipotle trend, and a spicy jack quesadilla.

Went back to my apartment and ate food and played GalCiv and tlaked intermitently with Caithris, trying not to distract her toooo much. She finally finished up just a little before 2 am her time and was feeling dead tired :( She still wanted to talk to me though, so we talked on the phone for about fifteen minutes.

After that i went back to intermitently playing GalCiv while cleaning up the apartment. I was doing a lot of reloading (because of a stupid "feature") which takes awhile on a gigantic map, so i'd hit load, clean some stuff up, come back and look at the computer, say "damn" and load again.

Finally went to bed about 2am i think.l

Was stuck at work yesterday until almost midnight because we were making a new build for Namco. I installed KazaaLite early on in the day because it theoretically has no spyware, which seems to be true according to Ad Aware. The interface isn't as nice as Morpheus, you can only have one search going at a time, however it seems to be a bit faster, and anyways it's worth it for the lack of spyware :) So i had that running in the background all day, trying to download some Heather Alexander mp3s and anime music videos. Got most of the videos okay, however there only seemed to be one person online at the time with Heather Alexander mp3s, and they were on a slooowwwww connection =P

So got home about 12:15 or 12:30 last night, and spent a little bit of time trying to clean up before collapsing into bed.

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