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Broken stuff

Everything seems to be broken this weekend =P

Friday one of the GalCiv programmers emailed me asking for details about about one of the bugs i reported on the GalCiv site, so i've been spending a fair portion of what little free time i have experiementing with that and emailing them the results.

Came into work yesterday and noticed that my monitor was being flickery and weird. It's normal most of the time, but then for brief periods the edges will waver a bit, and then it will try to compress itself about an inch with a _big_ waver, and then will go back to normal for awhile. It seems better today, but i'm wondering if it's just waiting till everyone else goes home before it completly craps out so i won't have anyone to ask about where to get a new monitor =P

After working for awhile my boss suggested a solution to a problem i was dealing with, said solution involved making a change to the data and rebuilding it. I then found out the data build was broken and i couldn't do any more work till it got fixed =P

So then i started playing with the web, and found out the GalCiv site was down =P

And barely got to talk to Caithris at all cause she was busy all day =/

So the build eventually got fixed, the GalCiv site came back up, and my monitor didn't explode. Got to talk to Caithris for a little bit after she got home before she went to bed I went home about midnight, played GalCiv till 5:30, read Lion's Blood till 6:30, and then went to bed.

Got up about 11:30 and took a shower. And while i was shampooing my hair i noticed that the water didn't seem to be hitting me anymore. I looked over, and the showerhead was slowling putting out less and less water, and was now just a kind of drizzle. I reached over to poke at it, and found out that the water was ice cold. I tried turning it more towards hot, but that just made the water stop. Apparently there was something seriously wrong with the hot water supply. I carefully washed out my hair with cold water, but wasn't willing to finish the rest of the shower like that. SO no conditioner, and hadn't soaped up anything other than my hair yet. I have some conditioner/detangler spray which i used on my hair, and the rest of me is half clean i guess.

Went to the village, got money out of the ATM, got some indian food, and went by the ice cream store and bought another half pound of mini-jawbreakers, and then headed off to work.

I am not going to jinx myself by saying that since leaving the apartment this morning nothing has been broken :)

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