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I headed off to the post office for my lunch break to mail in the Mudd alumni weekend form. However i didn't have any stamps so i needed to buy some. However i was out of money so i needed to stop by an ATM. I checked bank of america's site online, and i felt kind of stupid when the locator program pointed out that there was a BoA ATM in the very same strip-mall the post office was in =P I remembered seeing it there once i was reminded of it, but for some reason my mind hadn't wanted to do the reverse lookup properly.

So i drove out the the post office and bank, which was just two miles away. Unfortunatly i'd forgotten that there was construction along the route, and this time they were ripping up two lanes rather than just one, reducing traffic down to one lane =P

So after wading through traffic a bit, i got there, parked, and went to the ATM. Both the ATMs had yellow tape across them saying out of order, and i went to the bank part itself, and it was black inside and the doors were locked =P

So i went and dug around in my car and found some change and went into the post office. While i was waiting in line though, i heard one of the tellers ask a customer if they wanted cash back or not, so i looked around, and there was sign saying they accepted credit cards and ATM cards!

So when i got up to a teller i said that first thing i wanted was to buy a book of stamps so i'd have an excuse to get cash back, since the ATMs were out of commision. She responded saying something along the lines that yeah, someone had smashed them up the day before and taken them. I didn't parse exactly what she was saying, and i hadn't examined the ATMs too closely other than to see the yellow tape on them, but they seemed to have fronts, although it's quite possible that the lower part had been ripped out or something. I have no idea if the bank itself had already been closed, or if that was the result of what happened yesterday. In any case, i bought the stamps, got $40 cash back, put one of the stamps on the envelope and got it post marked.

I was feeling kind of hungry, but wanted to get back to the office, and there was a Taco Bell/Pizza Hut in the same mini-mall thing. So i dropped off the stamps in the car and went in there. After staring at the menu for a bit i got a western quesdailla thing that had steak and bacon in it, and a steak gordita, or maybe it was a chalupa, i can never keep those things straight. I also got a drink, unfortunatly that was before i remembered/realized that Taco Bell only does pepsi products =P I don't like diet pepsi, so after staring at the machine for a bit i finally got some Mountain Dew Code Red, which was _way_ too sugary of course =P

Got the food, went back to work, and managed to snag a good parking place in front from someone who was just leaving :)

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