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I left work about 11:30 last night, and there were still a fair number of people working, so i felt a little guilty, however i'm first person here this morning, so i guess it's okay :) Traffic was pretty good for leaving at 6:05 am.

Stopped by del taco to get breakfast, and was much happier with the results today than yesterday. Yesterday when i went there for lunch, the person tried to give me back the wrong amount of change, then when i asked for both kinds of sauce they only gave me the mild, and when i got back to the office i found out that they'd given me hard tacos instead of soft =P

Caithris should be getting her package today! *bounce* I sent her a big box full of anime goodness on wednesday :) Went to Mailboxes Etc, excuse me, "The UPS Store," during lunch, and there was a cute girl working there who said she liked my bracelet :) Too bad i can't go there to buy food instead =P

I need to remember to go to the post office today and mail in my form for the Mudd alumni weekend thing since it's supposed to be sent in by today. Of course if i hadn't gotten up so early this morning i could have just stopped by campus on my way to work and dropped it off :)

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