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Let's suppose that there are two (or more) smallishly sized bullies standing around. Then a big bully walks up, and says to the first bully, "I know you've got some weapons, you really don't want me to beat you up, so why don't you get rid of them?"

Maybe the first bully is intimidated, maybe not, but he starts emptying out his pockets. A rusty knife, some brass knuckles, etc. Then the big bully says, "that's nice, but you're not going fast enough, i bet you've got more than that" and while the smaller bully is still emptying out his pockets, the big bully jumps on him, throws him to the ground, and starts beating the crap out of him. Maybe the smaller bully had something more than a knife, maybe not, it will take awhile to dig through his blood encruted pockets after the fact to find out after the fact.

Meanwhile the second small bully is frantically trying to load a gun while watching the first bully get beaten to a pulp.

So now, the big bully gets up, smears some of the blood off his fists and turns to the second bully and says, "I know you've got some weapons, why don't you get rid of them so we can be friends?"

What do you think that second bully is going to do?

Yup, that's what i thought too.

(And of course meanwhile, several of the other smaller sized bullies are eying each other and wondering if they can get away with the same thing while the big bully is distracted)

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