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24 April 2003 @ 11:09 am
/me is very happy with his CDs :) Listened to them all day at work yesterday, and in the car on the way home (at 11:15 last night =P ) and the way back to work this morning :) Haven't gotten very much into the SquareDance one yet, don't know if that's just cause i'm not as familiar with it yet, or cause it's not as good. I was expecting it to be the low point out of the four anyways, so i'm not really bothered.

I'd just like to say though, Xenogears sounds a _lot_ like Chrono Trigger, at least for a few specific tracks. I know _why_ that is, but it's still kind of disturbing to be listening to the Xenogears CD and suddenly be listening to a song my mind initially interprets as being from Chrono Trigger.

Hmmm, since i'm _way_ behind on my video game playing, who out there has started (or finished =) playing Xenosaga? How similar is the music to Xenogears/Chrono Trigger?
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