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20 April 2003 @ 04:33 am
I left for Sarisa and Rahvina's place about 8, and got there about 8:45, a bit earlier than i'd originally planed. Yay! Early for once! :)

On the way there i stopped and bought several boxes of peeps, and gave some o them to Rahvina when i got there. Yay! Peeps! :)

We got ready for dungeon, and then realized that it was way too early to go to dungeon :) We hung out for a little bit, and talked about random things, quite a bit of it about Anita Blake/Meredith though. We ended up getting to dungeon about 10:10, ten minutes after it opened i believe.

There was a really cute asian girl there tonight, who looked kind of familiar. I'm guessing i must have seen her there before, either that or my mind was playing tricks on me becuase she looked kind of like sme, except a little heavier. There was also a cute girl there who looked kind of like a goth ukelele.

Got to watch two cute girls making out on the dance floor :) Also got to dance with a cute girl for a couple of songs (got to take every chance to call her cute that i can ;)

Rahvina wasn't feeling too well after awhile, so we left about 12:45. I'd sat out four or five songs, but otherwise was dancing the whole time, although wasn't dancing very hard apparently, because i didn't feel very tired by the end. Was feeling very sweaty though, stupid pleather pants =P

We went back to their apartment and i hung out with them for awhile. Rahvina and i watched Super Friends on Cartoon Network for awhile while Sarisa played with the internet and Rahvina ate pudding.

I finally headed home about 2:30, and i should really go to bed now that i've finished updating LJ, but i may stay up for awhile and read some more of Lion's Blood :)
Current Mood: tiredtired
vampire_rah on April 20th, 2003 10:50 pm (UTC)
you seem like a fabulous character. . . keep it up