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Saturday morning/afternoon

Got up medium early this morning. Went to office to see if the (first) AnimeNation package had arrived, and no, it hadn't. I figured out later how to find the tracking number for the packages, and the first one is scheduled to arrive on Monday, the second one is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday.

Went to borders and picked up Seven Barnes' "Lion's Blood," because i've gotten addicted to the songs from Heather Alexander's CD based on the book. (well, i'm addicted to all the songs, but whatever :) Also got another book, by um, some girl whose name begins with B :) And the title is Dragonlords something. The Last Dragonlord? *checks amazon* Yes, The Last Dragonlord by Joanne Bertin. Saw it sitting next to the Barnes books, and it looked moderatly interesting.

Checked the manga, and still no DBZ 11. In fact, they seem to have restarted the series from scratch in a new format. Along with the old version, they have volumes 1-7 in a slightly smaller format. I'm not quite sure why they choose to do it in this manner, but the good news is that the new versions are about $8 instead of $13 each. The bad news is that they seem to have delayed volume 11 while they get these out the door.

Rahvina told me this evening that the Borders near her place is having a buy 3, get 1 free sale. I don't know if this Borders isn't doing the sale, or if i just didn't notice and they didn't tell me when i got up to the counter with two books =P

Went and had lunch with Allyn, which was nice, then went into work for a few hours, but no one else was there except for a few people playing games, so i headed back home about four. Stopped in the village and bought some more mini-jaw breakers from the ice cream place, and noticed that they have green tea ice cream! So i got some of that too :)

Then went home and talked to Caithris on the phone for awhile before leaving for LA for Dungeon.

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