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18 April 2003 @ 03:43 pm
Caress of Twilight  
Or was that Progressive Toilet? ;)

I definitely enjoyed this more than, um, whatever the name of the last Anita Blake book was.

There is a fair bit of sex, i have no idea if more or less than the Anita Blake books (suppose i could go through and count) but it seems a lot more natural for Meredith than it does for Anita. I never really quite bought into the idea of Anita suddenly developing Jean Claude's sex adiction out of the blue, but it's much easier to accept the idea of the fey as sensual creatures.

One minor downside is that for most of the book it also seemed like there might not be the same Monty Haul development as there is in the Anita books. Then towards the end i started getting this sinking sensation that Meredith was going to end up absorbing some kind of phenomenal power or powers. Then she suddenly developed her second hand of power, which was unexpected at that particular instance, but not out of line, becuase it _had_ been mentioned before that she was going to develop it at some point in the previous book. And it's a very kickass power for combat purposes, if a bit messy. Meredith seems to be turning into death on wheels. Unfortunatly the situation that i suspected would give her phenomenal cosmic power hadn't been resolved.

And then, right on que, it's like Laurell K. Hamilton decided that she was sick of the seven or so book build up in the Anita Blake series, so lets just give them _all_ god-like power _right_now_ =P

Yeah, i was expecting Meredith to get super-charged, i wasn't so much expecting all half-dozen of her guard-consorts to get powered up as well.

Still, it's better than the Anita Blake series, because it makes more sense. Maybe Laurell K. Hamilton is just learning how to foreshadow better. (Not that she's shown any sign of it in Anita Blake at all, unless she's made sudden inroads for Cerullean Sins?) They're fey, you expect them to have cool magical powers. Not only that, it's been mentioned _many_ times that many of the fey, including some of Meredith's guards, used to be worshiped as gods before they had to give up some of their powers. Suddenly getting those powers back and being god-like again seems more reasonable that Anita getting god-like powers out of nowhere with little to no prior explanation.

Oh, and as should be obvious to anyone who's read the book, Laurell K. Hamilton has set herself up with the ultimate out to give Meredith any new powers she needs without any further explanation. More of that planning ahead thing i guess :)

I'm _really_ sure that at some point or another Meredith is going to gain immortality. Her mortality has been commented on too many times, and the problems it would cause when/if she takes the throne, that it seems like something they're going to have to deal with from a plot perspective.
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Dalton Grahamdaltong on April 18th, 2003 06:08 pm (UTC)
I SO disagree.

I had high hopes for the fey series, because I too get tired of Anita's ethical code against sex. But I feel that Meredith is just as uptight! Sure, she has sex, but she has all these rules about how can touch her when and how. Of course, everyone has that right; I just wish that her rules included being comfortable with things like casual touching and 2 men at once. I'm not describing it well; I'd have to go get some examples from the book to do this justice, I s'pose.

I disagree about the foreshadowing, too. The first few Anita Blake books were bad in a lot of ways, including grammar errors and typos as well as a plot that was a little awkward. But after, oh, I guess, Circus of the Damned (it's been almost a year since I read the earlier ones), I think the foreshadowing became strong--maybe sometimes laid on a little thick.

And while it's hard for me to relate to Blake's uptightness about sex, I love how she's growing, changing, and becoming powerfully sexually active in the process.

Bottom line: I get a lot more turned on by Anita Blake books than the fey books. And geez! Caress had almost NO sex! It was all off-camera!

rahvina on April 18th, 2003 06:56 pm (UTC)
My five cents
It's tricky to compare the two series....granted, they're by the same author, but the characters of Anita and Meredith are very different (even though they seem to be mild self-inserts, more Anita than Meredith). Some things are similar, like how Merry and Anita collect long haired preternaturally gorgeous men (and they each get one scarred guy apiece), but I've always treated them as seperate entities. Hamilton's writing has gotten technically better since the beginning of the Anita Blake series, but I liked the simplicity of the first Anita books...a good, if gory, murder mild mystery, with some piquant sexual tension...Anita's whining about sex gets on my nerves, even though I do like how she's loosened up a LITTLE in the later books, she's pragmatic enough that the ardeur gets fed as necessary, but I still find that whole thing really too easy to play with.

Sex is different in the two worlds...Merry views it as a tool, which is why she is more comfortable with the act, but is MUCH more set with who, where, and when. Anita is still viewing it as something that is inherently sinful, and so runs from it until it blows up in her face. The latest book has some interesting points, though. And I am now in love with Asher, as arrogant as he can be.