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Bad Clock! Bad Disney!

I got in my car last night, and looked a the clock, 6:35, then did a double take at the clock. It was actually 8:35, but the upper right light segment of the second diget tends to flake out once in awhile. It was very confusing to be looking at a clock that said 6:35 and have it be pitch black outside.

It's still better than having no clock in my car at all, i just need to remember that sometimes 6s are really 8s and 5s are really 9s =P

I watched some of the Laputa dub last night. I guess it's reasonbly good, as far as dubs go. Which means that i only ocasionally wanted to rip my ears off =P

I only got about a third of the way through it before i shut it off. I'm still curious and will probably watch the rest of it later, but even with curiosity putting its weight in i could only watch so much before the desire to play GalCiv gained ascendency over the curiosity/annoyance of listening to the dub.

Pazu's voice is all wrong. It sounds a lot older than he looks. They also made him kind of... sarcastic? Not sure, in the original he seems more innocent and enthusiastic and playful or something. Good hearted maybe.

Sheeta is okay, so far at least. The voice doesn't sound as out of place as Pazu's. I was a little annoyed by one bit towards the end before i shut it off.

At one point they're on a train while being chased by pirates and Pazu is stoking the fire. He asks Sheeta to take over while he tries to deal with the pirates. Afterwards, he tells Sheeta he can take over the stoking again. In the sub she says something along the lines of "I can do it" and keeps on stoking. In the dub, she instead says in a kind of simpery voice "You were amazing!" (but still keeps on stoking of course, since they only changed the script =)

The one thing i really can't figure out as how they scewed up the entire audio track. All the sound effects from the original are at about half volume. I can't imagine why they would have wanted to do it intentionally, but i find it equally hard to believe they could do it accidently and not notice.

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