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There really needs to be a version the LJ cut that buts some kind of break or header in, since you can have multple cuts in one page.

Finsihed my taxes up yesterday. If i did everything right, i'm getting $870 back from the feds, and owe $170 to california. If i didn't do it all right i guess i'll try to update my LJ while fleeing to mexico or something :)

Took them by the post office, and on the way there realized that i'd forgotten to staple the check to the california form. I'd gotten the W-2s on both forms, just forgotten the check. So since i needed to buy stamps anyway and i figured it would be a good idea to get it postmarked immediatly since it was 3:30, i decided to wait in line. There were about twenty other people waiting in line, but it went fairly fast. Except for one person who came in and went stragitht to the front claiming that she jut had a quick question. Apparently she was trying to ask if it would be ok to staple a sheet of paper closed (it had some printing on it, no idea what from where i was standing) and put a stamp on it and mailed it. The post office worker told her that without an envelope the loose edges would likely get caught in the machine and the paper would be ripped to shreds. She then asked if you could tape the entire edge down. He responded that given the open ends it would still likely get mangled. After explaining this to her for a couple of minutes she finally decided to leave, but then paused and asked "but it's okay to staple it?" to which the guy said yes. I don't know what she meant by that last question, i'm not sure if he did either. Is it okay to staple it and mail it like you just asked? Sure, go ahead, don't complain when a couple shreds of paper get delivered as has just been thuroghly explained to you. Or maybe she wanted to know if it was okay to staple it and then stick it in an envelope? I suppose if you were brain dead or have never actually recieved any mail in your life before that might be a reasonable question to ask =P

So finally the line starts moving at a decent pace again (there were only two desks open, so this person had knocked them down to half efficiency) and i got up there, borrowed a stapler and stapled the check onto the form, bought the stamos, and got it postmarked.

---------fighting with furniture---------
I went home last night and talked to Caithris for awhile and afterwards was trying to decide between going to bed (since i had to get up early today) or watching some Laputa first. I finally decided that i could watch at least a little bit of it before going to bed. I went out to the living room and unwrapped it and stuck in the PS2 and set up the tv, and then couldn't find the remote =P

Normally i like to play with the volume depending on whether the movie is being loud or quiet, so i started poking around for it. Usually when i lost the remote there are a few places it turns up; i'm sitting on it, check, nope. It's under something else on the couch, check, nope. It's fallen off the couch and is sitting on the floor in front of it, check, nope. It's fallen beteen the cushions of the couch, check, nope. Okay, double check the floor, double check under the cushions. Still nothing. Reach down into the cracks of the couch under the cushions (it's a hide-a-bed thing, so it's got a lot of those) still nothing. After repeating the above steps a few times, i figure it's _got_ to have gotten eaten by the couch _somehow_, cause there's no where else it could be. So i tilt the whole couch up, and there's the remote on the floor, right in the middle of where the couch was. It managed to fall between the cushions, through the cracks, and work its way out to the bottom =P

After fishing the remote out, i notice the abck of my hand is bleeding, apparently i scraped it on one of the metal parts inside the couch while trying to find the remote. After sucking on it for a little bit though it stopped bleeding and turned into one of those kind of puffy pinkish purple cuts you get from cat scratches and such that doesn't actually seem to have a scab or anything.

So, anyone know if it's possible to get tetanus from a couch? :)

So after pokeing at the cut for awhile, i started up Laputa. The main thing i was curious to see was if they screwed with the subtitles at all. The short answers is that the subtitles seem perfectly good. I'm curious though because at one point they show a picture Pazu's dad took of Laputa, and it's quite clearly labeled "Laputa," on the bottom. I'm wondering what they did to fix that in whichever versions they fixed. I haven't actually checked yet to see if they renamed it in the english dub or not. I'm hoping they didn't, i can't think of any reason they'd need to, but i can't really think of any reason why they'd need to rename the english version "Castle in the Sky" either.

Oh well, as long as the sub is fine i don't care too much how the dub worked out, though i'll probably watch it for curiosity's sake later :)

After getting about an hour(?) into it i decided it was time to go to bed and turned it off since i was at a good stopping point. (No spoilers for those who haven't seen it yet =)

I got a letter on monday about the apartment complex doing maintenance on today. By getting a letter i mean coming home to find a memo wedged in the door :)

They said they were starting at 9:00 and going in numerical order of the apartments. I was kind of worrying about my cat, since i figured at apartment 96, they'd probably get there after i was gone, and i was worried they might accidently let her out. However Morna asked me yesterday if i wanted to do breakfast this morning, which reminded me she had the day off. After a little bit of pleading she decided to come cat-sit while i was at work. So i got up about 5:30 this morning... well, my alarm went off about 4:30, but i think i managed to get out of bed by 5:30 or 5:45 :) And then didn't get out of the shower till about 6:20 =P And then spent the morning cleaning up the apartment a little so they'd actually be able to maneuver around and at least get a theoreticaly glimpse for whatever they were looking for. (Where does mold usually grow in an apartment anyways?)

Morna called about 9, and we went out to breakfast. I went straight from there to work since it was getting kind of late, and Morna went over to my apartment and took care of my kitty. And she waited, and waited, and finally called up the managers office. Apaprently they have an odd definition of in numerical order, either that or there are no apartments 1-92. The manager told her they'd started on apartment 93 =P So mine got done while we were out at breakfast. Luckily before i left i locked Cassie in the bathroom (with food and water of course =) and taped a note to the door saying "Cat in here," since i didn't know for sure if Morna would feel like cat-sitting.


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