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Me being strange

I noticed saturday when i was leaving for work that i hadn't reset the trip meter when i'd gotten gas. Since i'd pretty much just driven from the gas station back to my apartment i didn't worry to much about it and zeroed it out.

When i was heading home from work i noticed that it was at exactly 32.0 miles! Since i'm a programmer, i thought it was pretty cool that work was exactly 32 miles from home :)

I decided to check and see if it hit 64.0 miles when i got home, but i noticed as i was pulling out of the parking lot that it flipped over to 32.1, which meant it must have been at about 32.09 or something like that. Now, if the trop back home was the exact same distance, then that means it would be at about 64.1 when i got there. (Or rather, 64.18) Of course the idea that the trip back was the same as the trip there down to 1/10th or a mile of accuracy is a fairly big assumption. However if i didn't make that assumption, then there was no way i'd hit 64.0 anyways. I was hoping that the differences between the opposing lanes would even out over the entire trip (the difference between the onramp and the offramp locations i figured would be the biggest risk)

So going with that assumption i decided to see if i could cut a tenth of a mile off the trip back. Since it was late at night on a saturday there weren't very many cars on the road i tried to switch lanes to be on the inside of any big curves in the freeway.

When i got home i was a little suprised to see the trip meter at 63.6 miles. Either the trip back home _is_ shorter than the trip to work, or cutting the corners managed to shave about .5 miles off of a 32 mile trip. Not sure which of those two is more likely. (Of course there's always the usual answer of a combination of the different factors =)

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