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I have a cool new lamp thing that I got at the mall over the weekend. It's called "Sculptured Electra." It's like one of those plasma balls, but it's a a long cone that has been twisted into a curly shape, and the plasma bolts flow up the insite to the tip.

It's pretty, and lots of people have stopped by and told me that it's cool, but it cost $40. And i bought the Green Legend Ran DVD as well. I charged both of those and then I still went through $60 or $80 as well, what with dinner and movie and stuff.

I'm probably going to be paying an extra $800 for rent next month since I probably won't be able to find a place and move out by the 30th, though I'm going to do my best.

I need to stop spending so much money. Shouldn't buy any more things. Shouldn't eat out for lunch at all. Should go out for dinner once or twice a week with Allyn, and go to the movies with her once a week. Not sure if I should keep going clubbing or not.

I keep telling myself all the things I could do to save money, but I keep not doing it. Maybe if I look really hard, I'll be able to find a studio apartment for less than $400. My sister reminded me of an aquaintance whose boyfriend is going to be moving here soon. I could try to work out sharing an apartment with him to save money, but it would be dificult to arange. Besides, her boyfriend's an okay guy, but I don't _know_ him the way I know Shawkial. I even feel like I know Gwri better at this point, and I've only known him in person for a couple of weeks of very scattered contact.

There's one place I've found so far that is adverstising studios for $525, though it's a little farther north than I would like. I need to call them and ask if they're still available. I might try going through an apartment finder service, but those cost about $200, and I'm worried that they wouldn't find anything better than what I've already found on my own, so it would just be a waste.

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