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is so evil!

They're an indie record label. I followed a link to their site of off Slashdot. They said they could recomend music based on your favorite authors. I figured i'd give them a challenge, and put in "Heather Alexander," and it was just a fluke, because they failed with several other artists of her ilk, but in this particular case it spit out a CD by Julia Ecklar, who i've heard before and kind of like! So then i got sucked into playing with the search engine, and now i've got 4 CDs in my cart after some light cruising around the site, and still looking =P

Should _not_ be getting sucked into buying more CDs after the stuff i already bought today =P

They also have quirky things like lists of CDs to have sex to and CDs with naked people on the covers :)

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