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Guess what i got in the mail yesterday! No, guess!

My E3 pass! *bounce!* yayayayayayayayyayayayayayaya!!!

And for some reason i got an email saying that DVDPlanet shipped me my Miyazaki DVDs today! This is really great news, especially given that the DVDs aren't supposed to be released till the 15th =P According to Amazon and Barnes and Noble they're still scheduled for that date and they say if you preorder they'll ship them then, but lists them as "in stock." Guess someone screwed up somewhere along the line? Anyways, i'm not complaining :)

I also just placed a huge order at, yay cool stuff! :)

One minor little disturbing thing happened today though. I got a spam email advertising for a product i already own! Almost makes me wonder if i should have bought it in the first place =P

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