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Yesterday i made a shopping list. Today i went shopping. Funny how little those two things have to do with each other :)

Went to the Trader Joes strip mall area near here, and had lunch at Subway and got something to drink from Starbucks (as long as you don't get the coffee it's okay =) and then (duh) went to Trader Joes and got the following

$42 worth of Balance Bars (48 bars all told, atleast on the receipt)
$10 worth of Ginger Altoids (6 $1.60 tins)
bag of Wasabi Peas
tin of Vanilla Corinthians
bag of honey mustard "Trader Joe's Hawaiian Style Potato Chips"
bag of salt and vinegar "Trader Joe's Hawaiian Style Potato Chips"
bag of dill and sour cream Kettle Chips
2 bags of sugared Ginger bits
bag of Tropical Tail Mix
small tin of Dragon Fire Cinnamon Gum

Balance Bars - 61% of the bill
Balance Bars + Altoids - 75% of the bill
Bars + 'toids + Ginger - 85% of the bill

Hmmm, and this is weird, there was no tax!? I guess they already added it to the prices? *confused*

Not that anyone really cares, but there you go :)

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