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Shopping list

Xenogears OST CD
Black Mages CD
Squaredance CD
Final Fantasy Tactics OST CD

Plush Goth Cthulu

Some of the FF Guardian/Summon figures, if i could just find them in the unclear variety.

Pretty much all the Heather Alexander CDs

Considering some of the Valdemar CDs, especially the ones with Heather Alexander or Leslie Fish singing some of the tracks.

The Trigun DVD boxed set

The first couple Inu-Yasha DVDs, i think i might have the first one, but i'm not sure

The first couple of .hack/Sign DVDs

Into the Woods DVD

Undercover Blues DVD

THE FIRST SEASON OF BABLON 5 ON DVD!!!!!! *bounce bounce bounce!*

I'd list the Miyazaki DVDs here, but i've already pre-ordered them :)

Battle Angel DVD

I _know_ there was other stuff i wanted to get, but i can't remember it now :( Which is the reason for the list, cause when i think of the stuff i've forgotten, i'll probably have lost track of _this_ stuff :)

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