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My car is no longer on the roof

Went home a little early last night (about 8) and spent some time talking to Caithris. Then went out and got gas and mad e a run to the Hat to get a Pastrami sandwich and fries. Their sandwiches are very large, or at least have ltos of meat piled on them. I couldn't finish the fries after eating all of the sandwich. I wonder if it's possible to get a half sandwich? I've never tried, but i suspect the answer is no. I could try just savign half of it for later, but i'm not sure how well a pastrami sandwich would reheat.

I managed to restrain from starting up GalCiv until at least after finishing the sandwich :) I'm now dominating the galaxy in my particular game, so it's just a matter of time to finish it up now, and maybe the addiction will die off some after that :)

Got up a little early this morning, and stopped by the place where i bought my car insurance from and told them about my new car. Well, kinda. They were apparently having a meeting when i got there, so i got to sit around for five or ten minutes while they talked about how to convince customers to buy insurance, and i resisted making snide comments about how making the customer wait five or ten minutes while they had a meeting was not a good first step :) FInally one of them came over while the meeting continued and asked me what i was there for. When i told him to change cars on the policy, he gave me a sheet of paper and asked me to write the information down on it and they'd take care of it later =P I wrote it down, and he photocopied it for me, and i guess i'll eventually find out if it got changed successfully or not. Hmmm, could check the website i suppose.

Since the place was conveniently located right next to Jamba Juice i stoped by there and got a Jamba Powerboost and an apple cinnamon pretzel to take to work with me, and despite taking the time to do that and the long wait at the insurance place still got to work about 11:05.

Pepermint Altoids are good. Ginger Altoids are good, Wintergreen Altoids are good, Spearmint Altoids are.... not so good =P

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