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GalCiv sucked me in at work till about 11:00 last night =P I left about 11:15, but while i was heading towards the 55 i noticed a _huge_ amount of cars almost at a standstill, and saw some helicoptors circling over head shining spotlights at things. I have no idea what the problem was, but i decided i didn't really want to be getting on the freeway there. I detoured and got on the 5 a mile or two down the next road, and that was fairly clear. However when i got to the exchange with the 55 there were cops and road flares blocking off the ramp to the 55, didn't really affect me at all, but it made me even more curious about what the problem was.

Went home, had some brie cheese for dinner, and read for about twenty minutes before falling asleep at 12:30.

I actually managed to get up about 8:30, of course that was because the alarm started going off about 7:45 :)

I had an apointment to get my car looked at for it's 90,000 mile checkup. Theoretically i didn't need to, since the place i bought it from had theoretically done all of that. However i figured it was better to put out the few hundred dolalrs now to make sure everything was in good shape rather than regret it later.

I dropped the car off about 10:00, so they had it done a little before 1:00. Since i was out there anyways, i decided to go to the fairly good sushi resturant that was nearby for lunch. Got one of the bento box lunches, with teriyaki beef, tempura, random sushi, california roll, and all the other usual bento box stuff, and a side of yellowtail sashimi. Was all very yummy, and fairly expensive :)

Oh, and Caithris got the package yesterday, and was very happy with it. Along with the books, she also now has the complete set of Fushigi Yugi as best as we can tell :)

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