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GalCiv is sooooooo addictive!

Have i mentioned that i've started considering the crash bugs to be features rather than bugs? It didn't crash at all tuesday night, and it was 3am before i worked up enough willpower to stop playing :)

Part of the problem is i found out about a cool new thing! You can stack space stations! Well, rather, you can build multiple space stations in a sector, and the bonuses for all of them stack :) I'm getting planets now that are up to +400% production because of building five or six upgraded space stations in the same sector :) Of course there is at least some downside to this, other than having to take the time to build all the constructors. If you go to war you have to _protect_ all those spacestations, since they're fairly flimsy.

Got to have breakfast with Morna again this morning. Kialyn was thinking about coming along too, but we couldn't get ahold of her. Unfortunatly we got up late, so didn't get to hang out quite as much as we would have liked. I kept hitting snooze on my alarm, and Morna slept through her or something, and we didn't get in contact till about 9 or 9:15. We decided to go to Del Taco since that would be quick and was about halfway inbetween us both.

We had breakfast, and talked for a half hour or so, and Morna stole my vacuum :)

Drove off to work and only got here about 10 minutes late. And went from listening to "By the Sword" in the car to "Shadow Stalker" on headphones in the office :)

Now i'm waiting around to see if Caithris has gotten her package yet :)

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