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I emailed Caithris a package with a suprise present and some books yesterday. One of the books was my omnibus copy of Queen's Own. She hasn't read any of the Valdemar series, and those of you who know the series and are observant will realize exactly how silly that is :) Unfortunatly it's getting a bit beat up =/ I'm not sure how many times i've read through it, three or foru times at _least_, and it's been through many moves with me. The spine has gone kind of limp, and going be the quick look from when i got the book and put it in the box, the last 20 or so pages are only attached to the rest of the book by virture of said flimsy spine.

It's kind of sad that the book is falling apart. It was the first one i got in the Valdemar series, and that and the Dragonriders of Pern are the only two series i can name off the top of my head that i really liked from when i was younger. There were a lot of science fiction books, but for some reason i can't remember any big science fiction series, at least not at the moment.

I went to SFBC's website today, A: so i could tell them not to send the featured selections, and B: because i figured as long as i was there maybe i should order another copy of Queen's Own. Unfortunatly, i found that they don't have it anymore =/ They _do_ still have The Last Herald-Mage, and i was very amused to see that it had a content warning at the end of the description. Given the book, i'm not suprised that there was a warning, i was suprised about what the warning was for though.
"Warning: Subject matter."

Well, isn't that good to know? Guess i'll play it safe and stick with books that don't have any subject matter instead :)

There are some things i do want to get though, they've got a lot of cheap Tad Williams and Orson Scott Card stuff in the Limited Time Offers area. The best deal is probably the 2 in 1 omnibus Alvin Wandering for $3.99, although Tad Williams Otherland: Sea of Silver Light $1.99 gives it a run for it's money :)

Oooohhh! They've also got Steven Brust's Dragon and Issola books in an omnibus! Same price as buying them each seperately, well, maybe a buck cheaper than that, but still a pretty good deal, cause omnibuses are cool :)

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