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Last one out and First one in

Apparently i _can_ do the getting up early and coming into work thing. It's just that if i'm going to do it i seem to need to do it on three or four hours of sleep. Six or seven hours just doesn't work. Why is three or four hours fine, and eight hours is fine, but inbetween it gets a bit muddy?

For that matter, why do i feel infinitely better after three and a half hours of sleep than i normally do after seven or eight?

In any case, 5:50 was still a little too late to get light traffic, took me about 50 minutes to get to work again. Both times i've done this recently i hit snooze for almost exactly 45 minutes, so maybe i can plan better for that next time.

Did i mention why i stopped playing GalCiv last night and decided to go home? (Other than it being 11:45 at night =) Becuase the computer was kicking me ass! On easy level! And it wasn't even one of the main enemies! A couple of world split off from one of the two evil races (the one i was getting along with just fine, i wonder if that influenced things later) and formed the "Independent League," and after awhile they declared war on me and kicked my ass! The designers claim that the AI works so well that they don't need to do the usual cheating for the AI players, and so far no one playing the game (out of those posting on the net about it at least) have seen any obvious signs of cheating. After breezing through my first game of Moo3 (so far, after five or ten hours of play) actually having a challenge again is really great :)

The main reason for my downfall was taking out loans. They explained on one of the pages that if the computer built a lot of ships really quickly, especially at the begining, they weren't cheating, they were probably taking out loans. I figured i would try this myself, unfortunatly it turns out my economy wasn't really strong enough to handle the payments. And once you hit -500 billion, you stop all production in your empire in an attempt to make more money and pay off the debt. I hit -2,000 billion before the last payment was made, and that was after selling all the technology i had to other races :) It was at _least_ 25 or 30 turns, quite possibly a lot more, before i got "up" to -500 billion again.

I did have a lot of fun with one thing though, at one point two space monsters invaded the galaxy. I'd read on the web that they're really powerfull, and one of the two started right next to my area of the galaxy, and i had some quick moving fighters in the area. The monster started after the fighters, and i led it away into enemy teritory. I hid behind an "enemy" spacestation (these were the evil people who were feeling friendly towards me, but i was worried about future relations, and as always in these type of games knocking down anyone who isn't a really close ally is good) and the monster came along and ate it :) Then he attacked the planet the spacestation was next to and ate all the ships in orbit :) Then he started following my fighters again. :)

I took my pet monster on a tour of the galaxy, and wiped out four or five starbases, cleaned three or four planets of their orbiting ships, and incidentally took out three or four wandering spaceships that we ran into on the way between planets :) The other races didn't really seem to notice my complicity in the frequent monster attacks, or at least my diplomacy didn't suffer from it. My reign of terror finally eneded when the Indepenent League declared war on me and i had to rush my fighters home to help defend myself. I don't know what happened to the monster after that, and given how pathetically my fighters did in defense, maybe i should have taken a little longer and gotten the monster to follow me home and just kept it in orbit around my home planets :)

Have i mentioned yet how much more fun i've had playing GalCiv than Moo3? :)

I had "Dear Friends," the FF5 arranged CD, on repeat in my car for two and a half days or so, now i've been listening to Meg Davis' "By the Sword" cd playing for a day and a half. I've got the songs stuck in my head now of course, and i'm wondering if i should go down to my car and listen to it at work as well :)

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