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Dubya the dork has actually done something I actually approve of for once! Which of course makes me wonder if the issue is more complex than I thought, and perhaps I've got a misguided opinion, but even the most wrong-headed president has to do the right thing once in awhile, right?

He turned down California's appeal to be made exempt from federal laws requiring reformulated gasoline that has higher than normal oxygen content. MBTE used to be used for this purpose, but it's toxic has been inthe process of being phased out over the last couple years. That means that the only feasible alternative is... ethanol!!! woohoo!

The reason for the requestes exemption was fears that there wouldn't be enough ethanol available, and that gassoline costs would go up. Well if they do, that will be annoying, but anything that encourages reasearch and development of renewable energy sources and more efficient use of non-renewable energy sources is good.

I am still annoyed about the electrcity issue though. I'm not so annoyed that Bush refused to put price caps on electricity, what I'm annoyed at is that there has been real fedral or local investigation into why prices are so high.

It's all very complicated, involving deregulation and in state and out of state power companies, but lots of people have been critisizing the whole thing as some kind of raquet being run by the power companies to drive up prices.

My parents have said that the government and power companies in Washington have stated that they want to stay away from the situation in California becuase the whole thing smells really fishy.

Despite everyone on the west coast knowing, or at least suspecting, that something is up, the news doesn't cover it, at least not the TV news and not the Net news. Everyone on the east coast thinks that we just can't generate enough power, while lots of things I've heard suggest that we can easily generate enough power, but the electricity is being diverted elsewhere and then sold back to us at an outrageous markup.

Anyway, I'm done ranting. Bush still sucks, but at least the ethanol-gas thing is good.

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