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27 March 2003 @ 05:07 pm
I will stay caught up on LJ! I will!

Got up early wednesday morning and had breakfast with Morna and Allyn. Was a very big breakfast, shouldn't have eaten so much food =P

So instead of having lunch i went out looking for Galactic Civilizations. I called up one store that someone at work recomended, and they said they didn't cary PC games. I didn't know there were game stores that did that =P

So i went to the Costa Mesa mall instead, and found out when i got there that they hadn't gotten their shipment in yet =/

Today i tried calling up the GameStop at the Marketplace mall, and their phone was busy, so i drove out there, and when i got there they said they didn't sell PC games either! I'm very annoyed. I'd called up the EB at the Spectrum mall earlier and they said they had it, so i went down the 5 and got a copy there. I mentioned that i'd tried three stores since yesterday, and they said they'd heard that all GameStops were discontinuing PC game sales =/ I hope it's just an untrue rumor.

I got some Jamba Juice while i was there, and a pretzel and one of their new pastry things> I liked the old blueberry pastries, but they said they discontinued those because the vendor couldn't deliver consistent quality =P

Oh well, i've got Galactic Civilizations now, all i need to do is find some time to play it :)
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Wreath of Barbs - system syn mix