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Confusing body

All this week i've been trying to get up after six or seven hours of sleep, and kept failing miserably. So i started thinking that i often don't seem to have trouble getting by on very little sleep, so last night i set my alarm for 4:45 and went to sleep at 1.

I hit the snooze button twice, and some distant corner of my mind was thinking "this isn't going to work either" as i feel asleep again, but the third time i was suddenly wide awake, and didn't really have much problem getting up and getting ready. Of course since I'd hit the snooze button twice, it was 6:15 before i left, which clearly put me on the bad side of the good traffic/bad traffic border. Despite that, i still managed to make it to work in about 50 minutes.

So now i can leave early this evening to go see tikva and then hopefully do game with Rahvina and Sarisa and Tatiana and Pemachoying :)

Oh, and MOO3 is being annoying. I tried to play a little last night before heading home, but now every time i try to go to the load game screen, the screen turns black and "DirectX Surface Unavailable" appears in the middle of the screen in plain white letters, and nothing happens until i hit the escape key which causes the game to exit to the desktop. I can start new games okay, but if i try to save them or load a new game from there the same thing happens. MOO3 is _not_ much fun for playing in single sittings =P I'm still not decided on if it's much fun period, but that definitely doesn't help.

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