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Something I didn't know

Apparently all pictures of Britney Spears are considered porn.

File-sharing sites allow trading of porn

It's not that i don't believe them, i just find this bit humorus: " During the hearing, a committee staffer showed how easy it is to access pornographic images. The staffer performed a Google search to reach Kazaa, then once on Kazaa searched for Britney Spears. Hundreds of downloadable files then appeared on the screen."

That doesn't really count as "showing how easy it is to access pornographic images," that's showing how easy it is to get files about Britney Spears. Most of those probably weren't even images, but were mp3s. If there were any images in the mix, them majority of them probably weren't even pornographic. I'm sure there is Britney Spears porn out there (probably faked, but whatever) but i doubt it's in a significant proportion to the total number of files.

Furthermore, i don't think you can run kazaa off the web, can you? Or is there some cool new service i'm missing out on?

The correct wording for that paragraph (and i'm assuming they _must_ have done this test at some point, or they're all just idiots) "During the hearing, a committe staffer showed how easy it is to access pronography. The staffer performed a Google search and downloaded a copy of Kazaa's software. The staffer then searched for "sex." Hundreds of downloadable pornographic files then appeared on the screen."

What's really amusing though is that after the bit about finding hundres of Britney Spears files, the next paragraph is: " Committee Chairman Tom Davis, R-Va., was surprised. "This is really very alarming to me as a parent who thought he was tech savvy on this kind of thing to see how far this has gone," he said." What? I don't really like her music that much myself, but is Britney Spears really _that_ bad? :)

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