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Clubbing and chores and stuff

Saturday i went into work about 3, and left at 9 to drive out to see Sarisa and Rahvina. WHile we were getting changed for Dungeon i was amused to notice that Sarisa had just started reading the same Steven Brust's Athyra compilation that i'd started reading teh night before :)

We went clubbing but decided to head out a little early at about 1am. We went to IHOP to get a snack, but there were lots of other people there and service was painfully slow. We only got two of the three drinks we ordered, and the waiter showed up one other time to give us our food (after a long wait) and took the two empty drinks to get refills and bring them back with the third drink, or so he said, we never saw him again. Rahvina stole some silverware from another table since ours didn't have any, and she pointed out where they were storing ketchup bottles, and i managed to find some A1 sauce there as well. Overall we spent about an hour there, a lot of it waiting for our order of two sides of french fries and one order of french toast to show up =P We did _not_ leave a tip.

I headed home to my place about 3, and then stayed up till 5 reading Athyra.

Got woken up this morning at 10:00 by Caithris calling me, which was happy :)

Read some more of Athyra (Orca technically, since i finished the first book in the compilation and started the second) and then headed out.

Got some gas, and then went to the hardware store in the village. I bought some caulk and a caulk dispensor so i can plug up the holes that the ants have been getting in through. I also got duplicates made of my car key so i've got some spares now.

After that i went to the mall, and managed to restrain myself and only go to the store i was there for. I was woried for a little bit because they weren't sure if they had any more of the Zelda Master Quest disks that i was there to pick up, but they looked in back and found that they had one left. However i wasn't able to resist picking up a few other thing there. I got Skies of Arcadia Legends for GameCube, and got Master of Orion 3 for PC. I'm hoping that after this milestone i'll have time in the evenings at work to play it :)

Got into work about 1:30, an hour and a half after i'd originally been planning. Hopefully i can get everything done quickly enough to go home at a reasonable hour tonight.

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