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Square (or Squarenix pretty soon i guess :) is remaking Seiken Densetsu (Final Fantasy Adventures/prequel to Secret of Mana) for the GBA! It was originally a GB game, so they're updating it and putting it in color and making it as good as a SNES game now :)

Konami is also coming out with a Metal Gear game for GameCube. There are some rumors that it's a remake of Metal Gear Solid, but officially they haven't said anything other than it being a Metal Gear game of some kind.

So the GameCube now has Zelda and Final Fantasy games hitting soon, and a Metal Gear game in the future, i hope that's enough to let them pull ahead of !#$@%^! microsoft again.

I've been listening to the FFV, FFVI, Chrono Triger, and Best of Final Fantasy CDs and getting overly nostalgic. I wonder if anyone is ever going to make games as good as FF 4 5 and 6 again.

In other news, i got sucked into Golden Fool yesterday and stayed up till 3:15 last night finishing it off :) Now i just have a long wait till the third book =P

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