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How much do i like having a stick-shift?

I went to the dealership in Upland, and argued them down on the 1998 Rav4 4-door from $8999 to $7700. I told them i'd think about it (they didn't quite hit the $7500 i was aiming for) and tomorrow i'm hopefully going to go look at a 1997 Rav4 4-door in Fullerton that's listed at $6999. Only problem with it is that it's an automatic.

Is having a stick-shift worth at least $700? Of course the 98 also has a CD player, which i don't think the other one has, so maybe that's worth $50. Of course the 98 had weird soft foam headrests that felt really weird. That might be worth -$50. (I'm wondering if i can still get the headrests out of my old car, or if it's been towed somewhere else and scrapped :( )

$700 more at least in order to have a stick-shift. Do i care that much?

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