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Life without a car part one

I got up fair early friday morning because the insurance people called. Spent a fair bit of time working stuff out with them. They planed to tow the car from the body shop it was at to their own lot on monday. I called up the place it was at to see about stoping by to get some stuff out of it on saturday, but it turned out they're closed all weekend. After that i spent some time playing Metroid Prime. Morna came to pick me up after she got done with work, and we went to dinner at Chili's. We hung out and talked for awhile afterwards and the she headed home. I got to sleep about fivish or so and was planning on getting up about noon or one and heading over to Rahvina and Sarisa's at two or three on the metrolink.

Instead Caithris called me and woke me up about 10:30 and let me know about what had happened to the Columbia. I drifted off back to sleep for a little bit, but then got up and turned the news on. Did some laundry and took a shower inbetween sessions of news watching, and didn't even really start to think much about heading out until almost 4. Then when i checked i found out that there were no trains leaving the Claremont Metrolink between 4:10 and 7:10 =P So i watched some more news, and played a little more Metroid Prime. Then Morna called up and offered to give me a ride to the Metrolink station :)

Spent almost two hours on the metrolink, subway, and bus getting to Rahvina and Sarisa's. Spent most of the evening playing campaign with them and Pemachoying. We finished up the little wargame thing we started last session and kicked some Pooka(?) ass :)

We sat around for awhile after the game and Pemachoying and her friend went home. Rahvina and Sarisa started up a game of DoA Xtreme Beach Volleyball, so i started playing Metroid Fusion on my GBA. They went to bed around, um, twoish or something? And i stayed up another hour or two reading my new Diane Duane book :)

Sunday we got up about noonish, and then went out to lunch at 2. We rented Minority Report, unfortunatly i had to leave to catch the bus and missed the last five or ten minutes.

I arrived at the bus stop ten minutes early, and waited. And waited. At six the bus was supposed to show up, six passed, i waited some more. Finally ten after six the bus showed up. I was pretty worried by this point, because the trip planner had left me five minutes between each step of trip. Luckily the bus managed to make up for some of the lost time, and got to the station just five minutes late. I ran down to the subway tracks, and the train was still there! I sat down.... and waited. And waited. The subway ended up leaving ten minutes late. I got to Union station, and guess what _didn't_ leave ten minutes late? =P

I called Rahvina and let her know i'd be heading back, and got back on the subway. When i got out of the station back in North Hollywood there was a message on my cell phone from Rahvina. I called her back and she said she'd figured out a way for me to get back to Pomona. So i turned back around, got on the same subway again, and this time got off a station or two before Union station. Unfortunatly the directions for where the busstop was were not the greatest. By the time i had finally figured out where the bus stop was supposed to be and started heading towards it, i saw the bus i was trying to catch pass me =P I jogged after it, and might have caught it, however it didn't stop at the stop. When i got there it said that that stop was out of service from Jan 26th through sometime in Feb, and we should go to Olive and 5th instead, which was several more blocks away =P

I got there five or ten minutes later, and waited quite awhile for the next bus. Finally another bus arrive, it was the 482 rather than the 480, but when i asked the driver he said it was also going to Pol Cal Pomona, so i took it. Morna was incredibly nice, and offered to come pick me up at the transit station at 10:45 at night. We stopped on the way back to get some donuts, and went back to my apartment and ate donuts and talked for awhile before she headed home.

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