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The good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good:

The meeting with, um the company that we're doing the work for, (what is the right name for that? Contractee?) liked what we showed them at the meeting. They made a few comments for specific details they'd like to see improved, but overall was very good, so i get off friday saturday and sunday!!! :)

The Bad:

Got into a car accident this morning. A fairly minor one in that only one car had some damage (mine) and no one was hurt.

The Ugly:

The green stuff leaking out of my car after the accident.

I got it towed to someplace the shop i normally take it to recomended. Then i talked to my inssurance company and found out that they you 20% of the cost if the car isn't fixed at one of their affiliated shops =P

I can see legitimate buisness reasons for wanting to have that kind of arangement, i also see some really slimy reasons. I'm not sure if i should do what they say, or eath the 20%. It sounds like at a minium the 20% would be at least $500, and that's on top of the $500 deductible =/

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