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What a week

I got my first ever email virus on my linux email account, i couldn't access my bank account for part of yesterday cause of the SQL worm, and today i just got my first Nigerian Money Scam email ever :)

I've decided to have some fun with the money scam email :) This is my initial response, if whoever it is replies to it i intend to get progressively more and more insane/stupid :)

This sounds very interesting, but I would like to know if it is legal or not? Where did the money come from?

Also I am confused because the email is sent to and I am not him but I got the emails anyways. I though it was confidential? Why are you sending his confidential mail to me? Or are you sending my confidential mail to him? I do not likes that you are doing that.

Also you said that if I helped you I would get 10% of the money and you would get 85% of the money. Where does the other 5% go? Can I have it?

I have a bank account, does that work for you? Or are you needing something else?

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