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I bet THIS is why my ATM card wasn't working earlier today!!! I 'm a little suprised that other people using it at the same time were able to get it to work, but my case is probably a little more difficult than most since i'm an "adopted" BoA customer from when BoA bought out Seafirst bank. Although the two groups are theoretically merged, they seem to be on different systems or something, cause even during normal conditions there are some operations i can't do on California ATMs.

I got up a little after 9 this morning. Well, i didn't wake up so much as get called by my girlfriend :) Yayayayayayayyaya!! :) We talked for two or three hours, but then i had to go, since i was planning on having lunch with Allyn.

Took a shower, and played a little Metroid Prime till she called. She wanted me to pick her up about 1:30ish, so i called sithjawa and asked her if she still wanted me to drive her to Best Buy or Fry's to get a laptop, which i had agreed to do on friday. She said she had another possibility for a ride that would be before i got back from lunch, so she was going to try and do that.

I headed off to pick Allyn up at work, and stopped to get gas. The first time i tried my ATM card it said it couldn't read the pin. Second time i tried it, it worked fine. Then i stopped at Albertsons to get money out of the ATM. The first ATM was making weird noises and printing the "Please take card" message repeatedly, even though there was no card in it. So i tried the other machine. FAILURE! Big bunch of failure! Tried a second time, more failure. Then tried the other machine which had stopped making grinding noises earlier and someone else had managed to use successfully, even more failure! Finally gave up and went to get Allyn and ended up being kind of late.

We had Togo's sandwiches and fruit smoothies for lunch (as usual (although mine was technically a mocha smoothie, not a fruit smoothie))

I went back to the apartment, and hadn't heard from sithjawa, so i tried calling her. Her other ride had fallen through, so i drove over and picked her up. Originally she wanted to go to Fry's, but we decided to try Best Buy first, cause they were closer. Which was a good thing (we thought) cause they turned out to have the exact computer she wanted. Then it was not such a good thing cause we had to put our name on a list to get helped. A little over 30 minutes later of wandering around and looking at video games and other computers, they finally got to us. She had been fourth on the list i think. Maybe fifth. Of course one of the "people" above her was someone writing "your service is the suck" on it :) Then when she asked them for the computer she wanted, they spent several minutes looking for it, and told her it was out of stock =P

So next we decided to go to Office Max. Although i dictated a stop by Border's first. I picked up a copy of Jennifer Government *bounce!* I also found out that S. M. Stirling has another book out!!!! *bounce!* Of course it's in hardback so i didn't get it :) And i found out that sithjawa hasn't read all of Amber, so i forced an omnibus collection upon her :) And um, i got something else, i know i did, but can't remember what now =P

Then we went to Office Max, which was a medium long drive to southern Pomona, and although they'd advertised having it on the webpage, at this particular Office Max they just had two computers set up where you could _order_ a computer, which was no good since sithjawa needed it by monday. There was a Circuit City nearby though, so we went in there. They had it! But it was out of stock!! However they had a slightly more expensive one that had built in wireless so sithjawa decided to get that one.

Drove sithjawa back to the dorm and dropped her off, and by the time we got there, it was a little after 5:30 =P While i was there randomly ran into Kialyn. Spent five or ten minutes talking to her before i headed off to work.

Ran into traffic on the way to work, and didn't get here till 7. I was thinking that i would be busy working all night, but there are very few other people here. Only one other programmer here at the moment, and he said there weren't very many people here earlier. Two other programmers and my (non=programmer) boss. I was thinking that i wouldn't be able to make it to Dungeon tonight with Rahvina and Sarisa, however since there's not many other people here to care, if i can get one or two tasks completed, i think i may bail about 9:30 or 10. Of course then i need to drive home and change, and then drive out to LA, so i'll be a little late, but better late than not at all.

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