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I'm special :)

As far as i know, i just got my first email virus ever today :)

Okay, sorry, first email virus in a non-Outlook mail account ever :) Luckily, i never open attachments unless i know who sent it, and have some reason to expect them to be sending it to me. Not only cause doing so would be dumb, but because opening attachments and sending them to a computer i can view them on is a pain in the ass when using Pine through a telnet session.

I certainly did not know who "" is, and i definitely don't remember sending _anyone_ email such that i would expect a reply with a subject of "Re: Document"

A quick search on google turned up this info on symantec's website.

Checking the header shows the Received adress as: YAOJIE ([])

Websearcing on that IP returns a single webpage in chinese. Unfortunatly my mind is blanking on the correct Linux commands to check an IP address.

However, i don't regularly communicate with anyone in china, with anyone in asia for that matter. However i do on occasion get spam from there. I'm wondering if some spammer just got themselves infected :)

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