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Good cop, bad cop?

Russia offers N. Korea nuclear deal

And no, it's not a deal to give them nukes :)

While the US is busy having a fit about the whole thing, and N. Korea saying if the US imposes any restrictions it will be an act of war, Russia has stepped in and proposed a plan that would involve reinstating the provisions of the 1994 treaty and sending North Korea economic and humanitarian aid.

The especially interesting bit to me is:
"North Korea has said it is restarting its nuclear program, frozen under the 1994 agreement, because the United States failed to follow through on agreements that would have provided North Korea with light water nuclear reactors.

It said it was forced to restart its Yongbyon nuclear reactor to provide power after Washington stopped sending heavy fuel oil shipments to North Korea."

I'm unsure how much i should believe North Korea, ie, do they actually _need_ the nuclear plants, or is the lack of aid just a pretext? However i'm willing to grant them on faith that US has screwed them over on the agreements. After all, the US has been such a sterling example in upholding all the treaties and agreements it's signed. < /sarcasm>

I wonder how much of the anti-US sentiment in the world would go away if we just did the simple little thing of just actually following through on everything we agreed to?

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