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I wish i had more time

to do things like update LJ more often.

Some randomness:

Last night i screwed sithjawa to death. (We were playing Super Smash Brothers and i managed to hit her with a Screw-Attack item while she was in mid-air, causing her to do a screw-attack off into oblivion =)

Monday night we also played some Super Smash Brothers. Before i got home i went to both Border and Barnes and Noble looking for the third book in the Liveship traders series, and couldn't find it anywhere :(

Spent all sunday night at work, trying to catch up. Managed to do so, and then immediatly fell behind again trying to figure out how to do my new task =P

Went out to see Rahvina and Sarisa and Titania friday night. We traded some late christmas gifts, (Rahvina and Sarisa gave me a really really cool present =) and then i drove Rahvina out to Blockbuster so she could get Mario Party 4, and we spent the rest of the night playing that.

Saturday sithjawa and i went to a hardware store, i got copies of my car key made so i can have one at work, and some needle nose pliars. Sithjawa was looking for sheet metal and ended up getting an engraver. We then went to dinner at Vince's. I was going to Dungeon that evening with Rahvina and Sarisa, and Sithjawa decided to come along to. Unfortunatly she was kind of short on clothes, but i loaned her one of my Hot Topic shirts, she had some black jeans, and we figured no one would really notice that she was wearing hiking boots :) Unfortunatly there wasn't really much of a stage show this weekend, so Sithjawa missed out on that :( Afterwards we had snacks at IHOP,a nd then went back to Rahvina and Sarisa's apartment and played a game of Mario Party 4 before Sithjawa and i went home.

Last week i finally got around to spending the $50 Borders gift card my parents gave me the christmas before this one :) Got five books (including the newest Sara Douglas book in the Starman series and the new S. M. Stirling books! =) and three CDs (they were having a sale on older stuff, three for $25, i managd to find exactly three, Tom Lehrer, TMBG, and Depche Mode) for $65.

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