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07 January 2003 @ 02:17 pm
Yay, i'm home. (Well, i'm at work, but you know what i mean =) But it took forever to get there. Blah!

I've got a ton of emails to answer, a ton of LJ entries to read and respond to, and a ton of LJ responses to reply to. Blah!

A _lot_ of fairly minor things have gone wrong since/in the process of getting back. Nothing major has gone wrong though, which is good. So far the biggest thing that has gone wrong was that as i was stuck in traffic for an hour and fifteen minutes this morning, i tried to turn on my favorite radio station, and got a spansish speaking station instead. Not a big problem, there're a few miles of dead zone going through the "mountains" where the signal for KMXN fades and some random spanish station takes over. It was a little early for the dead zone, but i figured with the huge winds perhaps the weather was doing something funky with radio reception.

A few miles and much later, i tried again. Still spanish station. I should have been just past the dead zone, but same thing. Several miles after i got out of the traffic jam i tried again, same thing. Got to the middle of Orange County, and tried again, same thing :(

I checked their webpage when i got into work, and there isn't an obvious explanation up, you would think if they shut down they would have said _something_, right? :( Maybe the winds damaged their tower or something and it will be fixed soon, i hope i hope i hope. Blah!
Current Mood: blahblah