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Lots of stuff

I've got a new temporary apartmentmate. sithjawa needed a place to stay during winter break, so Caithris suggested she could stay with me. I picked her up very early Saturday morning, and after moving her stuff in she collapsed right away since she'd been extremely sleep-depped from finals week.

While she was napping Morna came over and we hung out for awhile. We were going to have lunch with Allyn, but apparently she called while i was out picking up Morna, and by the time we tried to get ahold of her she'd already gone to lunch :(

Morna and i had lunch at Marie Callendars, and after that i dropped her off for work at the mall, which was a traffic nightmare. There were a couple of parking spaces where i could have parked, but they'd blocked everyone from turning left so we couldn't get there. I ended up just dropping Morna off and letting her walk in while i got in yet another long line of cars to get out again.

I went back to the apartment, and after sithjawa got up we went back to the mall to do some christmas shopping. I found a CD i wanted to get for my mom at Best Buy, but when we got to the mall itself, most of the places we went to were out of the stuff i wanted to get. Suncoast had a DVD i wanted, at the usual marked up Suncoast prices. Neither Hot Topic nor Wherehouse had the stuff i wanted, although i did manage to reserve a pre-order of Zelda for myself :) I couldn't find the calander i wanted to get for my dad, so i got another one instead. Luckily we stopped by Border's just for the hell of it afterwards, and supprisingly they still had one of the CDs i wanted that had been out everywhere else. Sithjawa and i tried to meet up with Morna during her break, but she was totally swamped with people so we eventually gave up on that :(

We stayed up late watching Mononoke Hime, and i went to bed about 3 and slept for 10 hours or so, with a call from Caithris in the middle :) I didn't actually manage to make it out of bed till one or two, and after that Sithjawa and i wnet to do more christmas shopping in the Village. Once again they were out of the stuff i wanted, but i manged to improvise something.

I went to the U-Haul place and got some kitchen stuff out of storage so she can cook stuff for herself if she wants while i'm away for the next two weeks, and got my halogen lights out of storage, so there's now actually light in the living room and sithjawa's room :)

We went out to Tokyo Kitchen to get sushi (yum! =) and then came back and watched Lilo and Stitch. Lilo and Stitch is kind of fun, but it's still not as good as the Iron Giant, and when i commented on this, i found out that sithjawa hasn't seen that yet, so now i need to get a copy and show it to her. Luckily (or unluckily, whatever) i need to stop by Best Buy tonight, because i don't think i got enough stuff for my dad, and want to get him a gift certificate.

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