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I will not get pissed off at my company. Will not get pissed off at my company, even though they put me in an akward situation.

We had our christmas party today. At the end they handed out presents. The looked to be rather large presents. Most of them looked identical, so i figured it was a whole bunch of identical company gifts, but after awhile i saw that a few of them were differently shaped. Then i noticed that people were reacting as if they were fairly heavy. I started getting vague thoughts in my head. Then i heard someone behind me who opened his as soon as he got it ask "what did they get if they already had all three?" and my supicions became more concrete.

After everyone had been given their gifts, i reluctantly took mine back to my desk and opened it up. The card had a $100 gift certificate for Best Buy inside. So far so good, very good in fact. I then proceded to open up the wrapping on the box. I am now the unhappy owner of an XBox.

While the presents were being handed out i remembered the office manager guy coming by and asking me if i had a gamecube, and me telling him that yeah, i had a gamecube and a PS2. He managed to work it into the conversation innocently though, so i didn't suspect anything. If i had, i would have claimed that i had an XBox too.

What the hell do i do now?

I'm now part of the demograhics that Microsoft is using to justify their entrance into the world of console games. I suppose i should take a little bit of heart from the fact that i saw a _lot_ of XBoxes getting passed out today, hopefully meaning that the people who really know what they're doing are chosing the PS2 and Gamecube over it.

I almost feel like burning the damn thing, but that wouldn't erase the fact that someone paid money for it. I'm wondering if there's a receipt inside. Maybe if i don't open it i can trade it in at Best Buy for store credit?

But part of me feels bad for trying to get rid of what was meant as a very nice gift. Most of the rest of the people here would look oddly at my philisophical convictions against having an XBox. And what do i do if they ask me later about XBox games, knowing that i should have an XBox? Tell them that i've been too busy with the PS2 and Gamecube to play anything on the XBox?

And after all, i'm supposed to be a proffesional, theoretically i should try out all the systems. I'm certainly proffesional enough that if they tell me to work on an XBox game at work, i'll do it, even if i'm not happy with it. But should being proffesional also dictate what type of systems i have at home?

Should i just try to convince myself that one sale more or less really doesn't matter, and that dissing my employer like that isn't worth the $200 i could get for the thing? What do i do then, just stick it in the closet? Its not like i'm planning on buying any games for it.

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