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China adds voice to chorus against US missile plans

I'm not the smartest person around, and sometime i miss some pretty obvious stuff, so is there anyone who can explain to me how this makes sense?

By what twisted path of logic do you arrive at the conclusion that building defenses is bad? I know it fucks with the whole MAD idea, but who the fuck cares? MAD is stupid. The idea that they can claim that they have some right to be able to attack us, and denying them of that "right" is a threat to them is ludicrous.

You have three possible responses to me building defenses; A: do nothing, great, i win. B: build more weapons, either we're even or i'm still slightly ahead, depending on how effective my defense is and how many more weapons you build. C: build defenses of your own. Great! We both win!

If you choose to build more weapons rather than defenses, don't come crying to me when you start a local arms race and all of the sudden everyone around you has lots of weapons. I will just sit here behind my defenses and laugh at you.

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