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Why am i suprised about this?

I know the republicans are evil, but for some reason i keep expecting them to be subtle about it. You know, if they do anything blatant about it people might notice or something. Well they keep doing blatantly evil things, and for the most part people keep not noticing, or at least not caring much.

Take this for example

It's mostly about Lott's insanity, but this little bit, really got my attention, "Race drove last weekend’s runoff election in Louisiana. GOP flyers distributed in black areas sought to depress turnout with the rumor, "If the weather’s bad, don’t worry, you can vote on Tuesday." Minority voters weren’t fooled, but it wasn’t for the GOP’s lack of trying."

Shouldn't that be illegal or something?!?

In other news, i got my laptop back last week, and it seems to be mostly working. Well, it turns on at least, it still freezes up at times, and now the spacebar doesn't work =P

So every space you see here is the result of me copy-pasting spaces in :) Which is really tedious and annoying =P

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