DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Can i call it or what?

When the new part of the 210 oppened, my first thought was, "cool! New highway with very few people on it! Can go fast!" My second thought was, "hmmm, i bet lots of people have thought of that, i bet the cops have thought of that, i bet that there are a lot of cops waiting to give out tickets." So i've been trying to drive at a fairly reasonable pace while i'm on it.

Well last night i had the news on while i was reading and eating dinner, and they said that that stretch of the 210 has had the highest number of tickets in any one day out of all freeways in southern california this week cause the ciops are trying to get people to slow down, and it's on track to be the most ticketed highway over the entire week as well :)

I went to bed early last night (about 12:30) so i could get up early today (7ish) I managed to make it to the mall and got a small fraction of my christmas shopping done. I need to figure out what to get for my parents and sister, they're the ones i'm most clueless about.

There's a Jamba Juice right next to the mall i was at, so i stopped there before continuing on to work. I normally get the large drinks since they're the best deal, but they're annoying cause they don't fit in my cupholder, however unlike the other Jamba Juices i've been to this one had those cool indented on the bottom cups. I'm curious is this is something new from the past month or two and the next time i go to the Jamba Juice near work they'll have them, or if the other Jamba Juices just suck.

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