DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

My girlfriend called and woke me up at 4:30 this morning so i could try to get into work early today. I dozed off for a little bit after talking to her, but i'd kind of expected that might happen, so i had an alarm set for 5:30, which woke me up with no trouble. Unfortunatly i took longer getting ready than expected (as usual =P) so it was almost 6 by the time i got out of the apartment, and i needed to get gas, so it was a little after six by the time i actually got on the freeway, by which time cars were starting to pile up. I got into the office just before 7:30.

I did manage to resist the urge to stop by Del Taco for breakfast, and just came straight to work and had some balance bars instead. Yay me! :)

The cleaning people are bizzare. Half og the overhead lights in the office were on when i came in, and i had to figure out where the switch was to shut them off. These are lights which we never actually have on of course, and only get turned on when the cleaning people turn them on. However they went to the trouble of _physically_ turning off the _automatic sensor_ for the lights in the break room!They went to the trouble of turning off the lights that shut off after ten minutes if no one is in there (which was quite annoying when i walked in the break room this morning and the lights failed to come on) and left on the manual ones that just burned away all night! gah

Since no one was able to suggest a better P2P program, i installed Morpheus again and figured i'd kill the spy programs as soon as i've downloaded the songs i wanted. Turns out Morpheus is even more fucking annoying than i'd thought. Once i started it up it has commercials _WITH_SOUND_ running in the background! Every few minutes some idiot tells me that i should download his chat program, or some other idiot asking if i want to video chat with her. I've got a better idea, how bout once i've finished getting the stuff i want, i delete the fucking program, and then write the installer to CD, just so i can then have the pleasure of setting it on fire! *grrrrrrrr*

I can't imagine that this is helping them keep a large user base. Either most people are running it with the sound off, or there's some kind of crack out there to KILL THE FREAKIN ADS!

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