DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

No lunch, Balance Bars!

I keep failing to get up in the morning early enough to go to Trader Joe's before work, so today i went to their web page and found out that the closest one to work is only four or five miles away :)

So i went there during my lunch break. Along the way i found a couple of places that had clusters of resturants and such, and one of them even had a sushi place! :) Need to go there and try it out sometime.

I bought about a ton of balance bars of various kinds and flavors, a couple bags of fruit and trail mix, some Mochi (they didn't have any of the green tea :( so i got mango instead) some chocolate covered espresso beans which came with four different kinds of chocolate coating, and some "Cappuccino Cream Corinthians," which are those long thing rolled up crispy tube like cookies with some stuff on the inside. I had no idea what the name of them was, and i ahve no idea if all of them are called Corinthians, or if that's just what this company choose to call them.

In any case i've hopefully got enough snacks to last me at work for at least a week or two, and the majority of them are even healthy :)

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