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I just spent _way_ too much money at the store. (It's weird walking up to a building that has ".com" written on it)

No, on second thought, $500 would have been way too much money, so i spent just a little bit more than way too much money. :)

The third Utena disk is finally out! *bounce* Black Rose something or other.

I go two copies of that, one for me, one for my girlfriend :) She wanted me to get disk 2, but they were out of that, so i got her disk 3 and i'm hoping i can find disk 2 somewhere else.

Inu Yasha is coming out on DVD, which seems really quick given that it was only a year or two ago that it was coming out in Japan i think. Got the first disk of that.
The Fellowship of the Ring super-duper boxed set with rocks in it, i mean bookends :)
Ranma Season 2 Boxed Set (alread have 1 and 3, decided not to get 4 even though they had it. Was going to get Season 1 for Caithris, but they were out of that)
Stargate Season 1 Boxed Set
Bubblegum Crisis Boxed Set (the original series, not the Tokyo 2040 one)
Transformers Season 2 Part 2 Boxed Set (they're splitting the boxed set into multiple parts? how stupid)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Lilo and Stitch
Ice Age
Card Captor Sakrua disks 2 and 3
Sakura Wars disk 1 (Which is somehow different from the Sakura Wars i already had, not sure how yet, series vs OAV maybe?)

I wanted to get the Escaflowne Movie Limited Edition thing, but they were out of that too :(

I wish i had someone more local to watch anime with than Rahvina and Sarisa, it's going to take me forever to watch all of this on my own. (And yes, it _does_ go quicker if more people are watching, at least in a psychological sense)

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