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03 December 2002 @ 01:22 pm
This is fucking pathetic  
Advert attacking Bush's intelligence banned

It's a _British_ station! Why do they care? I'm not sure what BACC stands for, but whoever they are they've got some really fucked up rules. I'd always thought that it was a gimmee, that if someone intentionally puts themselves in the spotlight, then people can say whatever they want about you. There are still a few americans who are willing to call Bush a moron, why shouldn't the british be able to do it?

Oh wait, i forgot, if you say something bad about Bush you might be forced out of your job or maybe just forced to apologize and say you didn't really mean to call Bush a "Mayberry Machiavelli"

Hey Bush! You're a fucking moron! If you didn't want people calling you names you should never have entered public office!

Current Mood: furious!!!