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I don't think i remembered to mention this before, but the Dungeon had the coolest idea ever! Well, the coolest idea that i've seen in a club in a while at least :) They've got Red Bull on tap!

On tap means that they can press a button on those nozzle things which looks like it belongs on a sink and Red Bull comes out, i know this because when i excitedly told Sarisa and Rahvina that they could do that, and Sarisa got excited about them having it "on tap" :)

But in any case, it now costs $3 for a glass, which isn't bad considering the little tiny cans cost $2, and is pretty great when other clubs will often charge $6 or so for a can of it =P It's also the same price as cranberry juice and seltzer water, which is the other thing i usually get, so there's really no reason _not_ to get Red Bull now :)

THe other new thing, which is _really_ strange, is that they now sell _sushi_ there. I can't figure out why. I can't imagine how they came up with that idea. Who would think of selling sushi at a club?

It was just Rahvina and Sarisa and i this time. For some reason there were a _lot_ of normals there. I don't know if there was some advertisement or something that a lot of them saw or what. Lots of people not really dressed up ver ywell. Lots of people who couldn't dance. Lots of people with drinks on the dance floor. Towards the end of the night one of them managed to spill something alcoholic on my left arm.

There were a couple cute girls there, one tall one with long black hair and glasses and a tank top :) There was anotehr one who kind of reminded me of my girlfriend, if my girlfriend had purple hair that is :)

After the club closed we went to IHOP, and i spent some time washing my arm off in the bathroom cause it smelled funny. We had some food, went back to tehir apartment for a little bit i think, and then i headed home.

There were a lot of us this time. Me, Rahvina, Sarisa, Titania, Pemachoying (the friend of theirs who we went clubbing with before and is in the Mage campain now) and a friend of Rahvina's and Sarisa's who flew in to visit for thanksgiving weekend. Pemachoying and Titania took a seperate car, so the rest of us got there first. When we got to the club, i saw Deirdre (friend from SoCal Poly who originally got me started on clubbing) was there for the first time in a long while. She's apparently been having money trouble and hasn't been able to aford clubbing much =/ I talked with her for a little bit and then went off and danced for awhile, and then went to talk with Deirdre some more.

Titania and Pemachoying finally showed up while i was doing that. I spent most of the rest of the night dancing with them, and occasionally Rahvina, although she didn't do too much cause of her bad knee :(

The six of us went to IHOP for a snack afterwards. Medium amount of food eaten (including several milkshakes for some reason) and a lot of time spent sitting around and talking. When we were getting on towards done, Titania suddenly realized that she'd forgotten her keys. She didn't want to wake her apartmentmate up at three in the morning, so i volunteered to drive her to her place in the morning, and Pemachoying volunteered to let us crash at her place since Rahvina and Sarisa already had their other friend staying at their place.

We stopped by Sarisa and Rahvina's apartment so i could get my stuff and my car, and then i followed Pemachoying's car to her place. The three of us sat up and talked and relationships and sex and other random stuff for awhile, which was cool cause i usually don't get included in conversations like that. We finally crashed about 5 am. Titania got a spare bed, and i got the futon/couch thing, which is good cause i feel weird sleeping in other people's beds (well, unless the owner is there too of course =)

Titania managed to wake up about 8 or 8:30 with _no alarm_! She's a freak :) She poked me awake and i drove her home and then went back to Pomona to my apartment. I thought about getting some more sleep, but decided that being a little tired in the evening would help me get my sleep schedule back on track before work on monday. So i ended up spending most of the day reading and playing Rot3K.

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